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China driver license
Legal China driver license for foreigners, Hong kong, Macao and Taiwan Residents

Foreigners from any country who want to drive in China must apply for a driver
license. International driver licenses and oversea driver license are not recognized because China has not signed the convention which created IDPS(International Driving Permits).

China Driver Licenses are valid in mainland China only. Residents from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan also need to apply for a China drivers license to drive in mainland China.
A.)The documents needed to apply China driver license for foreigners.

1) A copy of the passport main page
2) A copy of the valid Chinese visa
3) A copy of the latest entry stamp in your passport
4) A copy of both sides of overseas driving license
5) Digital color photo with white background
6) Your Chinese name.
7) Height
8) Deposit:2000RMB
B.) The documents needed to apply china driver license for Chinese HongKong or Macao residents

1) A copy of both sides of HK or Macao ID
2) A copy of both sides of HK or Macao driver license
3) A copy of both sides of Visiting home card
4) Height
5) Digital color photo with white background
6) Deposit:1500RMB
Processing time: 15--20 working days( Macao Residents and Foreigners)

Processing time: 7 working days(Hongkong Residents)
C.) The documents needed to apply china driver license for HongKong residents who hold foreigners passport enter into China.
1) A copy of the passport main page
2) A copy of the valid Chinese visa
3) A copy of the latest entry stamp in your passport
4) A copy of both sides of HongKong driving license
5) A copy of both sides of Hongkong ID
6) Digital color photo with white background
7) Your Chinese name.
8) Height
9) Deposit:2000RMB
Processing time: 15--20 working days
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